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Angus Cycling Festival Prepares For The Nest Festival


The Angus cycling Festival that was held last September near the Forfar’s Reid Park, saw many visitors and the participants who took part in many events covered over 5000 miles. Plans have already been formed to bring out another festival in 2015 and the new idea has got a place on the Sport Business Innovation Awards.

The awards ceremony will be held at the Glasgow science Centre next month and there will be many celebrated people who will be present there.

The ceremony will have a few events and Scott Francis has said that the fact that the event has been so recognized has been the icing on the cake. He also said that the nominated people were all startled and happy when they achieved the goal of reaching the category for the final five. The success that the festival saw was beyond anyone’s expectation. Continue reading ‘Angus Cycling Festival Prepares For The Nest Festivalrgb’

On Pace w/ Pastrana – Dodge Dart Drifting and Harley Bike Build – Episode 11


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Cavendish & partner Keisse bags 2nd place at Ghent


Mark Cavendish & his Omega Pharma mate Iljo Keisse have secured the 2nd place at the prestigious Ghent 6-Day championship that finished last November.

The famous 29-year-old rider & his Belgian fellow were closely defeated by leading Baloise Insurance pair Kenny Ketele & Jasper Buyst.

“I am definitely disappointed but the fact is that we’re beaten here by a fantastic team”, Cavendish remarked.

“End of the day, I am really happy with our performance here. I had my best partner & Iljo is one of my greatest friends. It’s like an honor for me to be able to compete with him.” Continue reading ‘Cavendish & partner Keisse bags 2nd place at Ghentrgb’

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How to build a bicycle city Groningen Netherlands


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Emotional Tour For Cadel Evans


The night before 1st February is going to be a tough night for Cadel Evans as he prepares to bid farewell to the sport of cycling. When he saw the video of the Prime Minister, Tony Abbot which was recorded, he got emotional. He has three races to complete in Australia before going for retirement.

His career will be best remembered for the tour of 2011 where he gained victory. He is wrestling with his emotions as he himself stated that he will continue to be a sponsor for the team of the BMC. He is confident however that he has made the correct decision. It was a tough decision to make but his results certainly show that he did put in lot of effort into his career.

Before he even became a star of the road he was a champion of the mountain bike. It takes motivation to move on and even in his career he had toiled hard to achieve it. He showed to the world what he is capable of and there is no matching the class. It is important for an athlete to have the hunger and the desire to keep on shining but he knows that where he has to draw the line. The dominance in the sport of cycling is what he spoke about .He has even got a name of the tour Cadel Evans Road Race under his name which is an achievement.

He wants to complete the season of January on a high. He is never satisfied with what he has achieved but he stated that it is important to look back at your high points and low points as a learning experience and the memories of the sport is what will get him through on the day of his farewell.

How to build a bike rack

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Lance Armstrong Barred From Participating In Hincapie Gran Fondo


Lance Armstrong couldn’t participate in this weekend’s Gran Fondo Hincapie event that took place in Greenville South Carolina. He was invited by George Hincapie to take part in the event. This event was a non competitive one but as it was sanctioned by USA Cycling, he was prohibited from participating due to his lifetime ban.

His former USPS teammates Michael Barry, Kevin Livingston, Christian Vande Velde and Tom Danielson, including Hincapie, participated in the event.

Last year Armstrong admitted to doping on a TV Show. Three months before that he was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles. He was banned from participating in the sport for life.

Bill Kellick, spokesman for USA Cycling said USADA was informed by them that the event was sanctioned by USA Cycling as a cycling activity thereby prohibiting any banned athlete from participating in the event.

He said that USADA after getting information about Armstrong’s intention of participating in the event requested USA Cycling to check if he could participate. Armstrong said that he intends to participate in the event as Hincapie, a good friend, had asked him to.

Hincapie said that he just wanted his friends to see Greenville and ride there and it was not their intention to make a drama out of the situation.

Hincapie testified against Armstrong in 2012 but said that he still has high regards for his friend. He also said in 2012 that he considers Armstrong to be an extraordinary cyclist and he is proud about being friends with him. He said about his using banned drugs that he had made mistakes including a few other riders but he still believes that everyone should get a second chance. He was suspended for six months which he spent in retirement.

For over ten years, Armstrong denied that he used performance enhancing drugs and resorted to bullying those who brought the allegation against him.

FBI Investigates Information Leak; Armstrong May Have To Pay $100 Million If Found Guilty


One of Lance Armstrong’s attorneys said in federal court on Monday that the FBI investigated if grand jury secrets during Lance Amstrong’s criminal probe in 2010 and 2011 were illegally leaked to the media.

Elliot Peters, Armstrong’s defense attorney described in a two hour hearing, the inquiry of FBI to US District Court Judge Christopher Cooper.

Elliot Peters is defending Armstrong from Justice Department’s civil division trying to recover ten million US Postal service sponsorship dollars.

Peters told Cooper “This was a grand jury investigation characterized by an extraordinary number of leaks,” he added, ”The press seemed to be prescient” about who would be testifying.

The grand jury probe of Armstrong’s cycling teams in Los Angeles suddenly ended and no criminal charges were made in February 2012. But all witness testimonies and other evidences indicated that $32 million taxpayer dollars went to Armstrong’s Tour de France team which the Department of Justice claims.

Earlier the Department of Justice (DOJ) mistakenly shared evidences with Armstrong’s defense team, after that the DOJ lawyers demanded that the documents be returned after declaring those documents to be privileged and they further demanded the documents to be disregarded and sealed.

Armstrong and his defense team are trying to hold on to those materials. But Judge Cooper has final authority in deciding if Armstrong’s team can keep any document at all.

Peters made it clear that he is unwilling to let go of those memos, he is trying to establish that the US Postal Service was unharmed by Armstrong’s Doping and Not only was the Postal service harmed by its relationship with Armstrong, but in fact it made huge profits due to huge international publicity.

If Armstrong loses the case then he would have to pay three times for the damage done, according to the False Claims Act. The penalty to be paid may reach $100 million. A large portion of the money will go to Floyd Landis, Armstrong’s former teammate who brought this alleged deceit to the light of the government

School Teacher Dead While Cycling


An Australian mother and school teacher who was completing the trip of a lifetime across America has been found dead on the trip. She was a high school teacher of Canberra High School and her name was Joanna Abernethy.

Joanna was found dead on the highway on Saturday at 3.30 a.m. her final destination was Washington DC but she was found hit by a car 500 miles away from Washington Dc in eastern Indiana. She began her pre planned journey of 7200km on 7th May from Astoria in Oregon. She was to Washington DC on 14th August 2014 in order to pay tribute to her hero Sir Martin luther King Jr.

She made many friends on the journey and met many warm hearted people who offered her bed, breakfast and cash in order to help her. Among them the most prominent friends would be a resident from Missouri and cyclist Frank Briscoe.

As Frank recalls of her memories, he says that she was a very good and determined person. It was refreshing to see her determination. They had become friends instantly although they had known each other for less than 24 hours. He said that the news devastated him when he heard from her half-brother Jake. Briscoe said that he had warned her not to travel at night but she was on a mission for herself and had a long way to go. So she perhaps did not take the advise.

Joanna had started training on her borrowed Orly’s Malvern Star bike that she got from her teenage daughter and travelled across Canberra by timing herself. She eventually started using the Viviente touring bike and also bought a ticket to fly to the States.

Wayne country Sherriff Department has started an investigation near the Indiana-Ohio border to look into Joanna Abernethy’s death.

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